FLOOR CARE - tips and tricks


Laminate flooring is extremely durable and easy to maintain but like everything else a little care will prove enormously valuable.
Dust build up can cause damage over time: sweep, wipe, mop, vacuum frequently.
Clean up spills quickly.
Small stains can be removed quickly and easily with just a damp cloth especially if addressed promptly.
Avoid pools and puddles.
Think bathroom and kitchen
Be extra careful with flower-pots, vases, aquaria, taps.
When cleaning, make sure the mop or cloth is damp, never soaking wet.
Thoroughly remove all residues of cleaning agents.

The right cleaner for your laminate floor

Please never use cleaning agents that contain wax or oil. These materials cannot penetrate the laminate so form a film that attracts dirt. They can also make the floor slippery and thus a potential source of danger.
If you have a lacquered wood floor, we recommend lacquer soap as soon as it's installed. This aids the hardening process. Regular use of wood cleaner and lacquer care will go a long way to keeping your floor in tip-top condition.


Lift and replace furniture. Dragging or pushing will soon damage the floor.
Where lifting is impractical protective pads vastly reduce wear by abrasion.
Castors ideally should be rubber or similar forgiving material such as class W soft castors.
Furniture legs should be protected with protective pads to guard against scratching. Note that you can void your warranty should you not use protective pads.
Mats will simply and effectively provide needed protection and encourage people to wipe their feet.
Discourage hob-nailed boots and stiletto heels